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Datasheet Microchip MIC94051


The MIC94050 and MIC94051 are 4-terminal silicon gate P-channel MOSFETs that provide low on-resistance in a very small package


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    MIC94050/94051 Data Sheet
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    MIC94050/94051 Micrel MIC94050/94051
    4-Terminal SymFETв„ў P-Channel MOSFET General Description
    The MIC94050 and MIC94051 are 4-terminal silicon gate
    P-channel MOSFETs that provide low on-resistance in a very
    small package.
    Designed for high-side switch applications where space is
    critical, the MIC94050/1 exhibits an on-resistance of typically
    0.125О© at 4.5V gate-to-source voltage. The MIC94050/1 also
    operates with only 1.8V gate-to-source voltage.
    The MIC94050 is the basic 4-lead P-channel MOSFET. The
    MIC94051 is a variation that includes an internal gate pullup resistor that can reduce the system parts count in many
    applications. SymFETв„ў Features 0.125О© typical on-resistance
    at 4.5V gate-to-source voltage Operates with 1.8V gate-to-source voltage Separate substrate connection allows reverse-blocking Applications The 4-terminal SOT-143 package permits a substrate connection separate from the source connection. This 4-terminal
    configuration improves the θJA (improved heat dissipation)
    and makes reverse-blocking switch applications practical.
    The small size, low threshold, and low RDS(on) make the
    MIC94050/1 the ideal choice for PCMCIA, USB, back-up
    battery-power, and distributed power management applications. Distributed power management
    PCMCIA card power management
    USB ports
    Battery-powered computers, peripherals
    Handheld bar-code scanners
    Portable communications equipment ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Enable LogicLow True
Input Pull-Up ResistorYes
Max SW Current, A1.8
Oja, C/W220
Operating Temperature Range, °C-40 to +150
Product TypeSingle High-Side Load Switches
RDS ON @5V, mО©125
Reverse Current BlockingYes
VEN, V1.2
Vin Max, V5.5
Vin Min, V1.8

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Series: MIC94051 (1)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Power Switches > Power Switches - Load Switches

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