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Datasheet Microchip RE46C163


The RE46C163 device is a low-power, CMOS ionization type, smoke detector IC


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    RE46C162/163 Data Sheet
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    CMOS Ionization Smoke Detector ASIC with Interconnect,
    Timer Mode and Alarm Memory
    Features Description Pin Selectable Horn Patterns Alarm Memory Sensitivity Control Timer:
    -8 minute Timer for RE46C162
    -1 minute Timer for RE46C163 >1500V ESD Protection (HBM) on All Pins Guard Outputs for Ion Detector Input В±0.75 pA Detect Input Current Internal Reverse Battery Protection Low Quiescent Current Consumption (<6.5 ВµA) I/O Filter and Charge Dump Internal Low Battery Detection Power-up Low Battery Test Interconnect up to 66 Detectors RoHS Compliant, Lead Free Packaging The RE46C162/163 devices are low-power, CMOS
    ionization type, smoke detector ICs. With few external
    components, these circuits will provide all the required
    features for an ionization type smoke detector.
    An internal oscillator strobes power to the smoke
    detection circuitry for 10.5 ms every 1.67 seconds to
    keep standby current to a minimum. A check for a low
    battery condition is performed every 40 seconds when
    in standby. The temporal horn pattern supports the
    NFPA 72 emergency evacuation signal.
    An interconnect pin allows multiple detectors to be
    connected so when one unit alarms, all units will sound.
    A charge dump feature will quickly discharge the interconnect line when exiting a local alarm. The interconnect input is also digitally filtered.
    An internal timer allows for a single button, push-to-test
    to be used for a reduced sensitivity mode.
    An alarm memory feature allows the user to determine
    if the unit has previously entered a local alarm
    condition. ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Alarm InterconnectYes
Horn Driver Alarm PatternNFPA Temporal or Continuous Tone
Low Battery DetectYes
Operating Temperature, °C-10 to 60
Operating Temperature Range, °C-10 to +60
Powerup Low Battery TestYes
Reverse Battery ProtectionYes
Sensitivity TimerYes

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Series: RE46C163 (1)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • CO and Smoke Detection > CO and Smoke Detector ICs > Ionization Smoke Detector ICs

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