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Datasheet Microchip RE46C190S16TF

Part NumberRE46C190S16TF

The RE46C190 is not recommended for new designs


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    RE46C190 Data Sheet
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    CMOS Low Voltage Photoelectric Smoke Detector ASIC
    with Interconnect and Timer Mode
    Features Description The RE46C190 is a low power, low voltage CMOS
    photoelectric type smoke detector IC. With minimal
    external components, this circuit will provide all the
    required features for a photoelectric-type smoke
    detector. Two AA Battery Operation
    Internal Power On Reset
    Low Quiescent Current Consumption
    Available in 16L N SOIC
    Local Alarm Memory
    Interconnect up to 40 Detectors
    9 Minute Timer for Sensitivity Control
    Temporal or Continuous Horn Pattern
    Internal Low Battery and Chamber Test
    All Internal Oscillator
    Internal Infrared Emitter Diode (IRED) driver
    Adjustable IRED Drive current
    Adjustable Hush Sensitivity
    2% Low Battery Set Point The design incorporates a gain-selectable photo
    amplifier for use with an infrared emitter/detector pair.
    An internal oscillator strobes power to the smoke ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Alarm InterconnectYes
Alternate Diagnostics ModeNo
Chamber TestYes
Horn Driver Alarm PatternNFPA Temporal or Continuous Tone
Internal PORYes
Low Battery DetectYes
Operating Temperature-10 to 60 °C
Operating Temperature Range0 to +50 °C
Operating Voltage2V to 5V Vdc
Sensitivity TimerYes

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: RE46C190 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • CO and Smoke Detection > CO and Smoke Detector ICs > Photoelectric Smoke Detector ICs
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