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Datasheet Microchip EMC1186-1-AC3-TR

Part NumberEMC1186-1-AC3-TR

The EMC1186 is a high accuracy, low cost, I2C/SMBus dual channel temperature sensor with a hardware defined shutdown


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    EMC1186 Data Sheet
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    Dual Channel 1°C Temperature Sensor with Hardware
    Thermal Shutdown and 1.8V SMBus Communications
    PRODUCT FEATURES Datasheet General Description Applications The EMC1186 is a high accuracy, low cost, 1.8V System
    Management Bus (SMBus) compatible temperature sensor.
    Advanced features such as Resistance Error Correction (REC),
    Beta Compensation (to support CPU diodes requiring the
    BJT/transistor model including 65nm and lower geometry
    processors) and automatic diode type detection combine to
    provide a robust solution for complex environmental monitoring
    applications. The ability to communicate at 1.8V SMBus levels
    provides compatible I/O for the advanced processors found in
    today’s tablet and smartphone applications. 

     Features
      Support for diodes requiring the BJT/transistor model
    — Supports 65nm and lower geometry CPU thermal
    diodes 
     Additionally, the EMC1186provides a hardware programmable
    system shutdown feature that is programmed at part power-up
    via two pull-up resistor values and that cannot be masked or
    corrupted through the SMBus.  ...



Lifecycle StatusSamples Available




# Temps Monitored2
Automotive RecommendedNo
DescriptionSMBus/I2C Multi Temperature Sensor
Hardware Shutdown1
Lead Count8
Max. Accuracy @ 25°1 °
Max. Supply Current410 µA
Package Width2x3x0.75
Resolution11 bits
Temp. Range-40 - +125 °
Typical Accuracy0.25 °
Vcc Range+3.0 - +3.6 V

Moldel Line

Series: EMC1186 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Thermal Management > Remote Temperature Sensors

Other Names:

EMC11861AC3TR, EMC1186 1 AC3 TR

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