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Datasheet Maxim MAX14878AWE+

Part NumberMAX14878AWE+

2.75kV and 5kV Isolated CAN Transceivers. Isolated CAN transceivers with fault protection enable robust communications


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    MAX14878–MAX14880 Datasheet
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    EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE MAX14878–MAX14880 2.75kV and 5kV Isolated CAN Transceivers General Description The MAX14878–MAX14880 family of high-speed
    transceivers improve communication and safety by
    integrating galvanic isolation between the CAN protocol
    controller side of the device and the physical wires of the
    network (CAN) bus. Isolation improves communication by
    breaking ground loops and reduces noise where there are
    large differences in ground potential between ports. The
    MAX14879 provides up to 2750VRMS (60s) of galvanic
    isolation, while the MAX14878/MAX14880 provide up to
    5000VRMS (60s) of galvanic isolation.
    All transceivers operate up to the maximum high-speed
    CAN data rate of 1Mbps. The MAX14879/MAX14880
    feature an integrated standby input (STB) on the isolated
    side of the transceiver to disable the driver and place the
    transceiver in a low-power standby mode. The MAX14878
    does not include the standby input.
    The MAX14878–MAX14880 transceivers feature integrated
    protection for robust communication. The receiver input
    common-mode range is ±25V, exceeding the ISO 11898
    specification of -2V to +7V, and are fault tolerant up to
    ±54V. Driver outputs/receiver inputs are also protected
    from ±15kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) to GNDB on the
    bus side, as specified by the Human Body Model (HBM). ...


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