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Datasheet Allegro A1330LLETR-P-DD-T

Part NumberA1330LLETR-P-DD-T

Programmable Angle Sensor IC with Analog and PWM Output


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    A1330 Datasheet
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    Programmable Angle Sensor IC
    with Analog and PWM Output
    FEATURES AND BENEFITS Analog output, configurable to ratiometric or non-ratiometric Contactless 0В° to 360В° angle sensor IC, for angular
    position, rotational speed, and direction measurement Single and dual die options available in same package Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) for use in application
    trimming/calibration Circular Vertical Hall (CVH) technology provides a
    single-channel sensor system with air gap independence 12-bit resolution possible in Low RPM mode, 10-bit
    resolution in High RPM mode Angle Refresh Rate (output rate) configurable between
    25 and 3200 Вµs through EEPROM programming Customer-programmable output clamp levels provide
    short-circuit diagnostic capabilities Open-circuit detection on ground pin (broken wire) Undervoltage lockout for VCC below specification Fine angle scaling for short-stroke applications Missing Magnet Error flag for notifying controller of low
    magnetic field level Continued on the next page… PACKAGE: 8-pin TSSOP (LE package) Regulator
    CVH Element The A1330 is a 360В° angle sensor IC that provides contactless
    high-resolution angular position information based on magnetic
    Circular Vertical Hall (CVH) technology. It has a system-onchip (SoC) architecture that includes: a CVH front end, digital
    signal processing, and an analog output driver. It also includes
    on-chip EEPROM technology, capable of supporting up to
    100 read/write cycles, for flexible end-of-line programming
    of calibration parameters. Broken ground wire detection and
    user-selectable output voltage clamps make the A1330 ideal
    for high-reliability applications requiring high-speed 0В° to
    360В° angle measurements.
    The A1330 provides adjustable internal averaging, allowing ...



Package8-lead TSSOP


Operating Temperature Range-40° to 150° °C

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: A1330 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Magnetic Linear and Angular Position Sensor ICs > Angle Position Sensor ICs

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