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Datasheet Intersil 5962-8757702RA

Datasheet Intersil 5962-8757702RA

Part Number5962-8757702RA

CMOS Octal Inverting Bus Transceiver


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    82C87H Datasheet
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    82C87H TM CMOS Octal Inverting Bus Transceiver March 1997 Features Description Full Eight Bit Bi-Directional Bus Interface The Intersil 82C87H is a high performance CMOS Octal
    Transceiver manufactured using a self-aligned silicon gate
    CMOS process (Scaled SAJI IV). The 82C87H provides a full
    eight-bit bi-directional bus interface in a 20 pin package. The
    Transmit (T) control determines the data direction. The active
    low output enable (OE) permits simple interface to the
    80C86, 80C88 and other microprocessors. The 82C87H has
    gated inputs, eliminating the need for pull-up/pull-down resistors and reducing overall system operating power dissipation.
    The 82C87H provides inverted data at the outputs. Industry Standard 8287 Compatible Pinout High Drive Capability
    -B Side IOL 20mA
    -A Side IOL 12mA Three-State Inverting Outputs Propagation Delay . 35ns Max. Gated Inputs
    -Reduce Operating Power
    -Eliminate the Need for Pull-Up Resistors Ordering Information
    PART NUMBERS Single 5V Power Supply 5MHz Low Power Operation . ICCSB = 10ВµA Operating Temperature Range
    -C82C87H . 0oC to +70oC
    -I82C87H -40oC to +85oC
    -M82C87H -55oC to +125oC CP82C87H-5
    IS82C87H-5 PACKAGE CP82C87H 20 Ld
    CS82C87H 20 Ld ...



Package20 Ld CERDIP
Package IndexF20.3


Qualification LevelStandard

Moldel Line

Series: 82C87H (1)
  • 5962-8757702RA

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Space & Harsh Environment > Harsh Environment > Microprocessors and Peripherals

Other Names:

59628757702RA, 5962 8757702RA

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