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Datasheet Intersil HS1-1840ARH-T

Datasheet Intersil HS1-1840ARH-T

Part NumberHS1-1840ARH-T

16 Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer with High-Z Analog Input Protection


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    HS-1840ARH-T Datasheet
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    HS-1840ARH-T FN4589
    Rev 1.00
    July 1999 Radiation Hardened 16 Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer with High-Z Analog
    Input Protection
    Intersil’s Satellite Applications FlowTM (SAF) devices are
    fully tested and guaranteed to 100kRAD Total Dose. These
    QML Class T devices are processed to a standard flow
    intended to meet the cost and shorter lead-time needs of
    large volume satellite manufacturers, while maintaining a
    high level of reliability. Features The HS-1840ARH-T is a Radiation Hardened, monolithic 16
    channel multiplexer constructed with the Intersil Rad-Hard
    Silicon Gate, Dielectric Isolation process. It is designed to
    provide a high input impedance to the analog source if
    device power fails (open), or the analog signal voltage
    inadvertently exceeds the supply by up to п‚±35V, regardless
    of whether the device is powered on or off. Selection of one
    of sixteen channels is controlled by a 4-bit binary address
    plus an Enable-Inhibit input, which conveniently controls the
    ON/OFF operation of several multiplexers in a system. All
    inputs have electrostatic discharge protection. Improved rDS(ON) Linearity QML Class T, Per MIL-PRF-38535 Radiation Performance
    -Gamma Dose (пЃ§) 1 x 105 RAD(Si)
    -No Latch-Up, Dielectrically Isolated Device Islands Improved Access Time 1.5пЃ­s (Max) Over Temp and Rad High Analog Input Impedance 500MпЃ—пЂ During Power Loss ...



Package28 Ld SBDIP
Package IndexD28.6


DLA SMD5962-95630
Description16 Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer with High-Z Analog Input Protection
High Dose Rate (HDR) krad(Si)100
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125
Qualification LevelQML Class T (space lower level)

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HS-1840ARH HS-1840BEH HS-1840BRH

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Series: HS-1840ARH-T (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Space & Harsh Environment > Rad Hard Analog > RH Multiplexers

Other Names:

HS11840ARHT, HS1 1840ARH T

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