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Datasheet Intersil HS9-3530AEH-Q

Part NumberHS9-3530AEH-Q

Radiation Hardened Programmable Low Power Op Amps


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    HS-3530ARH, HS-3530AEH Datasheet
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    HS-3530ARH, HS-3530AEH FN4653
    Rev 3.00
    February 9, 2015 Radiation Hardened Programmable Low Power Op Amps
    The HS-3530ARH, HS-3530AEH are low power operational
    amplifiers, which are internally compensated monolithic
    devices offering a wide range of performance specifications.
    Parameters such as power dissipation, slew rate, bandwidth,
    noise and input DC parameters are programmed by selecting
    an external resistor or current source. Supply voltages as low
    as В±3V may be used with little degradation of AC performance.
    Operation from -55В°C to +125В°C is guaranteed.
    A major advantage of the HS-3530ARH, HS-3530AEH is that
    operating characteristics remain virtually constant over a wide
    supply range (В±3V to В±15V), allowing the amplifiers to offer
    maximum performance in almost any system, including
    battery operated equipment. A primary application for these
    devices is in active filtering and conditioning for a wide variety
    of signals that differ in frequency and amplitude. Also, by
    modulating the set current, they can be used for designs such
    as current controlled oscillators/modulators, sample and hold
    circuits and variable active filters. Features Radiation performance
    -Single event latch-up . Immune (RSG DI Process) ...



Package10 Ld CFP
Package IndexK10.A


Number of Channels1
Bandwidth0.75 MHz
ClassV, /PROTO
Common Mode Rejection Ratio80 dB
DLA SMD5962-95687
DescriptionRadiation Hardened Programmable Low Power Op Amps
High Dose Rate (HDR) krad(Si)300
IBIAS (max)100 nA
IOUT2.5 mA
IS (per amp)0.16 mA
Low Dose Rate (ELDRS) krad(Si)50
Number of Channels1
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125
Qualification LevelQML Class V (space)
Rail-to-Rail InputNo
Rail-to-Rail OutputNo
SEL (MeV/mg/cm2)SEL free
Slew Rate0.25 V/μs
VOS (max)5 mV
VS (max)30 V
VS (min)6 V

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Series: HS-3530AEH (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Space & Harsh Environment > Rad Hard Analog > RH Op Amps

Other Names:

HS93530AEHQ, HS9 3530AEH Q

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