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Datasheet Mini-Circuits AVA-24A+

Datasheet Mini-Circuits AVA-24A+

Part NumberAVA-24A+

Ultra-Wideband, Flat Gain Microwave MMIC Amplifier, 5 to 20 GHz


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    Wideband, Microwave Monolithic Amplifier
    50Ω AVA-24A+ 5 to 20 GHz The Big Deal CASE STYLE: DQ849 Surface Mount Amplifier up to 20 GHz Integrated matching, DC Blocks and bias circuits High Reverse Isolation Product Overview The Mini-Circuits AVA-24A+ is a surface mount, microwave amplifier fabricated using InGaAs PHEMT
    technology and is fully integrated gain block up to 20 GHz. It is packaged in Mini-Circuits industry standard
    3x3 mm MCLP (QFN) package, which provides excellent RF and thermal performance. The AVA-24A+
    integrates the entire matching network with the majority of the bias circuit inside the package, reducing the
    need for complicated external circuits. This approach makes the AVA-24A+ extremely flexible and enables
    simple, straightforward use. Key Features
    Advantages Feature
    Wideband, 5 to 20 GHz Broad frequency range supports a wide array of applications from microwave radio and radar , to
    military communications and countermeasures. Excellent Gain Flatness Typical В±0.8 dB gain flatness across the entire frequency range minimizes the need for external
    equalizer networks making it a great fit for instrumentation and EW applications. High Isolation With reverse isolation of 36 dB (24 dB directivity), the AVA-24A+ is an excellent choice for buffering broadband circuits. It is an ideal LO driver amplifier and provides designers system flexibility
    and margin when integrating cascaded RF components. Manufacturability MSL1 and ESD Class1A (HBM) ratings minimize special handling on production lines. Notes
    A. Performance and quality attributes and conditions not expressly stated in this specification document are intended to be excluded and do not form a part of this specification document.
    B. Electrical specifications and performance data contained in this specification document are based on Mini-Circuit’s applicable established test performance criteria and measurement instructions.
    C. The parts covered by this specification document are subject to Mini-Circuits standard limited warranty and terms and conditions (collectively, “Standard Terms”); Purchasers of this part are entitled
    to the rights and benefits contained therein. For a full statement of the Standard Terms and the exclusive rights and remedies thereunder, please visit Mini-Circuits’ website at Mini-Circuits ® P.O. Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY 11235-0003 (718) 934-4500 Page 1 of 5 Wideband, Microwave Monolithic Amplifier 5-20 GHz Product Features Gain, 12.3 dB typ. & Flatness, ±1.3 dB Output Pow ...



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Export InfoECCN# EAR99
Test BoardTB-547-1A+

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AVA24A+, AVA 24A+

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