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Datasheet Mini-Circuits ERA-3+

Datasheet Mini-Circuits ERA-3+

Part NumberERA-3+

High-Dynamic-Range MMIC Amplifier, DC to 3 GHz


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    Drop-In Monolithic Amplifier DC-3 GHz Product Features DC-3 GHz Single voltage supply Internally matched to 50 ohms Unconditionally stable Low performance variation over temperature Transient protected Aqueous washable Protected By US Patent 6,943,629 ERA-3+
    CASE STYLE: VV105 Typical Applications +RoHS Compliant Cellular/ PCS/ 3G Base Station CATV, Cable Modem & DBS Fixed Wireless & WLAN Microwave Radio & Test Equipment The +Suffix identifies RoHS Compliance. See our web site
    for RoHS Compliance methodologies and qualifications General Description ERA-3+ (RoHS compliant) is a wideband amplifier offering high dynamic range. It has repeatable performance from lot to lot. It is enclosed in a Micro-X package. ERA-3+ uses Darlington configuration and is
    fabricated using InGaP HBT technology. Expected MTTF is 10,000 years at 85В°C case temperature. simplified schematic and pin description
    RF-OUT and DC-IN RF-OUT and DC-IN
    3 RF IN
    GND 4 GND
    RF IN GROUND Function Pin Number Description RF IN 1 RF input pin. This pin requires the use of an external DC blocking capacitor chosen
    for the frequency of operation. RF-OUT and DC-IN 3 RF output and bias pin. DC voltage is present on this pin; therefore a DC blocking
    capacitor is necessary for proper operation. An RF choke is needed to feed DC bias
    without loss of RF signal due to the bias connection, as shown in “Recommended
    Application Circuit”. GND 2,4 Connections to ground. Use via holes as shown in “Suggested Layout for PCB
    Design” to reduce ground path inductance for best performance. Notes
    A. Performance and quality attributes and conditions not expressly stated in this specification document are intended to be excluded and do not form a part of this specification document.
    B. Electrical specifications and performance data contained in this specification document are based on Mini-Circuit’s applicable established test performance criteria and measurement instructions.
    C. The parts covered by this specification document are subject to Mini-Circuits standard limited warranty and terms and conditions (collectively, “Standard Terms”); Purchasers of this part are entitled
    to the rights and benefits contained therein. For a full statement of the Standard Terms and the exclusive rights and remedies thereunder, please visit Mini-Circuits’ website at Mini-Circuits ® P.O. Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY 11235-0003 (718) 934-4500 REV. P
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Export InfoECCN# EAR99
Test BoardTB-431-3+

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ERA3+, ERA 3+

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