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Datasheet Diodes AL1788W6-7

Part NumberAL1788W6-7

Low Standby Power Pfc Controller


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    LOW STANDBY POWER PFC CONTROLLER Description Pin Assignments NEW PRODUCT The AL1788 is a high performance AC/DC Power Factor Correction
    (PFC) controller targeting at LED lighting applications. Based on
    Primary Side Regulation (PSR) implementation, AL1788 does not
    require opto-coupler and any secondary feedback circuit to save overall
    BOM cost. It operates at Quasi-Resonant (QR) mode where MOSFET
    is turned on at the valley of the drain voltage, which minimizes switching
    loss to result in high efficiency. Top View With either Flyback or Buck topology, AL1788 system supports high
    efficiency, high Power Factor (PF>0.9) and low Total Harmonic
    Distortion (THD 0.9) and Low THD ( ...



PackageSOT26 (SC74R)


Accuracy4 %
Efficiency87 %
Frequency120 kHz
Maximum Input Voltage25 V
Minimum Input Voltage9 V
Temperature Range-40В toВ 105 °C

Moldel Line

Series: AL1788 (1)
  • AL1788W6-7

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Off-Line LED Drivers

Other Names:

AL1788W67, AL1788W6 7

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