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Datasheet ON Semiconductor MC14094BDR2G

ManufacturerON Semiconductor
Part NumberMC14094BDR2G

8-Bit Storage/Shift Register with Three-State Outputs


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    8-Stage Shift/Store Register with Three-State Outputs
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    8-Stage Shift/Store Register
    with Three-State Outputs
    The MC14094B combines an 8-stage shift register with a data latch
    for each stage and a 3-state output from each latch.
    Data is shifted on the positive clock transition and is shifted from the
    seventh stage to two serial outputs. The QS output data is for use in
    high-speed cascaded systems. The QS output data is shifted on the
    following negative clock transition for use in low-speed cascaded systems.
    Data from each stage of the shift register is latched on the negative
    transition of the strobe input. Data propagates through the latch while
    strobe is high.
    Outputs of the eight data latches are controlled by 3-state buffers which
    are placed in the high-impedance state by a logic Low on Output Enable. SOIC-16
    CASE 751B SOEIAJ-16
    CASE 966 MARKING DIAGRAMS Features 3-State Outputs Capable of Driving Two Low-Power TTL Loads or One 16 16 16 Low-Power Schottky TTL Load Over the Rated Temperature
    Input Diode Protection
    Data Latch
    Dual Outputs for Data Out on Both Positive and
    Negative Clock Transitions ...


AliExpress5PCSLOT HEF4053 HEF4053BT MC14094BDR2G 14094BG BU4053BCF-E2 BU4053 SOP16 SOP-161,14 $
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Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)


Package Code751B-05

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Series: MC14094B (6)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Analog, Logic, & Timing > Standard Logic > Latches & Registers
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