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Datasheet Allegro ACS720


High Accuracy, Dual Fault, Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor in SOIC16 Widebody Package


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    ACS720 Datasheet
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    High Accuracy, Dual Fault, Galvanically Isolated
    Current Sensor in SOIC16 Widebody Package
    FEATURES AND BENEFITS DESCRIPTION Differential current sensing cancels common mode fields,
    simplifying PCB layout Two user-settable faults for fast short-circuit protection
    and slower overcurrent detection Industry-leading noise performance with greatly improved
    bandwidth through proprietary amplifier and filter design
    techniques Patented integrated digital temperature compensation
    circuitry allows high accuracy over temperature in an
    open loop sensor 1.0 mО© primary conductor resistance for low power loss
    and high inrush current-withstanding capability Small footprint, low-profile SOIC16 package suitable for
    space-constrained applications Integrated shield virtually eliminates capacitive coupling
    from current conductor to die due to high dV/dt voltage
    transients 5 V single supply operation with 0-3 V output swing Output voltage proportional to AC or DC current Factory-trimmed sensitivity and quiescent output voltage
    for improved accuracy 3600 Vrms Dielectric Strength certified under UL60950-1 High PSRR for noisy environments The ACS720 is a high accuracy Hall-effect-based current
    sensor IC with multiple programmable fault levels intended
    for industrial and consumer applications with a focus on motor
    control and power inverter stage applications. PACKAGE:
    16-Pin SOICW
    (suffix LA) CB Certificate Number:
    US-23711-UL Not to scale
    VCC VOC_F One of the key benefits of the ACS720 is to provide high
    isolation with a reduced bill of materials made possible by ...



Package16-lead SOIC16-lead SOIC16-lead SOIC


Operating Temperature Range, °C-40° to 125°-40° to 125°-40° to 125°

Eco Plan

Moldel Line

Series: ACS720 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Current Sensor ICs > 0 to 50 A Integrated Current Sensor ICs

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