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Part NumberTC647BEUA

The TC647B is a new version of the existing TC647 fan speed controller


  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 549 Kb, File published: Feb 5, 2013
    TC642B/TC647B data sheet
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    PWM Fan Speed Controllers With Minimum Fan Speed,
    Fan Restart and FanSenseв„ў Technology for Fault Detection
    Features Description Temperature-Proportional Fan Speed for Acoustic
    Noise Reduction and Longer Fan Life Efficient PWM Fan Drive 3.0V to 5.5V Supply Range:
    -Fan Voltage Independent of TC642B/TC647B
    Supply Voltage
    -Supports any Fan Voltage FanSenseв„ў Fault Detection Circuit Protects
    Against Fan Failure and Aids System Testing Shutdown Mode for "Green" Systems Supports Low Cost NTC/PTC Thermistors Over-Temperature Indication (TC642B only) Fan Auto-Restart Space-Saving 8-Pin MSOP Package The TC642B/TC647B devices are new versions of the
    existing TC642/TC647 fan speed controllers. These
    devices are switch mode, fan speed controllers that
    incorporate a new fan auto-restart function. Temperature-proportional speed control is accomplished using
    pulse width modulation. A thermistor (or other voltage
    output temperature sensor) connected to the VIN input
    supplies the required control voltage of 1.20V to 2.60V
    (typical) for 0% to 100% PWM duty cycle. Minimum fan
    speed is set by a simple resistor divider on the VMIN
    input. An integrated Start-Up Timer ensures reliable
    motor start-up at turn-on, coming out of shutdown
    mode or following a transient fault. A logic-low applied
    to VMIN (pin 3) causes fan shutdown. Applications Personal Computers & Servers
    LCD Projectors
    Datacom & Telecom Equipment ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Auto shutdownYes
DescriptionFan Manager
External Temp InputYes
Fan Speed TableNo
FanSense fan monitorYes
High/Low PWM FreqLow
Integrated temp sensorNo
Max. Accuracy @ 25°Depends on external thermistor °
Max. Supply Current400 µA
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85 °C
Over temp alertNo
Predictive fan fault detection/read/RPMNo
SMBus compatible interfaceNo
Temp. Range-40 - +85 °
Typical AccuracyDepends on external thermistor °
Vcc Range+3.0 - +5.5 V

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Series: TC647B (5)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Thermal Management > Fan Controllers > Open Loop Fan Controllers and Fault Detectors

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