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Datasheet Microchip EMC2102-DZK

Part NumberEMC2102-DZK

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  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 936 Kb, File published: May 17, 2007
    EMC2102 RPM-Based Fan Controller with HW Thermal Shutdown Data Sheet
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    RPM-Based Fan
    Controller with HW
    Thermal Shutdown PRODUCT FEATURES Datasheet General Description Features The EMC2102 is an SMBus, closed-loop, RPM-based
    fan controller/driver with hardware (HW) thermal
    shutdown and reset controller. The EMC2102 is
    packaged in a thermally enhanced, compact, 5x5, 28pin lead-free RoHS compliant QFN package.
    The EMC2102 utilizes Beta Compensation (an
    implementation of the BJT or transistor model for
    thermal diodes) and Resistance Error Correction (REC)
    to accurately monitor three external temperature zones.
    These features allow great accuracy for CPU substrate
    thermal diodes on multiple process geometries as well
    as with discrete diode-connected transistors. Both Beta
    Compensation and REC can be disabled on the
    EMC2102 to maintain accuracy when monitoring AMD
    thermal diodes.
    The EMC2102 includes a closed-loop RPM based Fan
    Control Algorithm that integrates a linear fan driver
    capable of sourcing 600mA of current. The fan control
    algorithm is designed to work with fans that operate up
    to 16,000 RPMs.
    The EMC2102 provides a stand-alone HW thermal ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




# Fans Drivers1
# Remote Temperature Monitors3
Ambient Temperature Sensor1
DescriptionFan Controller with Thermal Mgt
Max. AccuracyВ±3.0
Operating Temperature Range0 to +85 °C
PWM/Linear ControlLinear
SMBus AlertYes
System ShutdownYes
Typical AccuracyВ±1.0
Vcc Range3.3 - 5.0 V
Voltage MonitorsNo

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Series: EMC2102 (2)

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  • Thermal Management > Fan Controllers > Closed Loop Fan Controllers

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