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Datasheet Microchip HV20822FG-G-M931

Part NumberHV20822FG-G-M931

HV20822 is a 220V, 16-channel, high-voltage analog switch integrated circuit (IC) configured as 2 sets of 8 single-pole single-throw analog switches


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    HV20822 Datasheet - 16-Channel, HV Analog Switch
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    Supertex inc. HV20822 16-Channel,
    High Voltage Analog Switch
    Features General Description ►► HVCMOS® technology for high performance
    ►► 220V operating conditions
    ►► Output on-resistance typically 22Ω
    ►► 5.0 and 12.0V CMOS logic compatibility
    ►► Very low quiescent current consumption (-10µA)
    ►► -45dB min off isolation at 7.5MHz
    ►► Low parasitic capacitance
    ►► Excellent noise immunity
    ►► Flexible high voltage supplies Applications The Supertex HV20822 is a 220V, 16-channel, highvoltage analog switch integrated circuit (IC) configured as
    2 sets of 8 single-pole single-throw analog switches. It
    is intended for use in applications requiring high voltage
    switching controlled by low voltage control signals such
    as ultrasound imaging and printers.
    The 2 sets of 8 analog switches are controlled by 2 input
    logic controls, DIN1 and DIN2. A logic high on DIN1 will turn
    On switches 0 to 7 and a logic high on DIN2 will turn On
    switches 8 to 15. ►► Medical ultrasound imaging
    ►► Piezoelectric transducer drivers Block Diagram
    DIN1 Latch 1 Level
    Translator 1 SW0 ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Analog Signal Voltage200 V
Interface2 Banks of 8
Notesuse HV2631 for new designs
Operating Temperature Range0 to +70 °C
Output Bleed ResistorsNo
Supply Voltage Vpp - Vnn220 V
Switch Current±2 A
Switch Resistance typ18 Ω

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: HV20822 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Ultrasound Products > Analog Multiplexers/Switches

Other Names:

HV20822FGGM931, HV20822FG G M931

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