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Datasheet Microchip HV2605FG-G

Part NumberHV2605FG-G

HV2605 is a low charge injection 16-channel high voltage analog switch integrated circuit (IC) intended for use in applications requiring high voltage switching controlled by low voltage control signals, such as medical ultrasound imaging and other piezoelectric transducer drivers


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    HV2605/HV2705 16-Channel Low Harmonic Distortion High-Voltage Analog Switches
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    16-Channel Low Harmonic Distortion High-Voltage Analog Switches
    Features Description 16-channel High-voltage Analog Switch Low Harmonic Distortion Integrated Bleed Resistors on the Outputs for
    HV2705 3.3V Input Logic Level Compatible –60 dB typical OFF-isolation at 5 MHz 20 MHz Data Shift Clock Frequency 10 µA Low-quiescent Power Dissipation Low Parasitic Capacitance DC to 50 MHz Small-signal Frequency Response CMOS logic Circuitry for Low Power Cascadable Serial Data Register with Latches Flexible Operating Supply Voltages The HV2605 and HV2705 are 16-channel low
    harmonic distortion high-voltage analog switch integrated circuits (ICs). These devices are designed for
    applications requiring high-voltage switching controlled
    by low-voltage control signals, such as medical ultrasound imaging and other piezoelectric transducer drivers. The HV2705 has integrated bleed resistors which
    eliminate voltage build-up on capacitive loads such as
    piezoelectric transducers. Applications These ICs shift input data into a 16-bit Shift register that
    can then be retained in a 16-bit latch. To reduce any
    possible clock feed-through noise, the latch enable bar
    should be left high until all bits are clocked in. Data are
    clocked in during the rising edge of the clock. This
    device combines high-voltage, bilateral DMOS
    switches and low-power CMOS logic to provide
    efficient control of high-voltage analog signals.
    The device is suitable for various combinations of highvoltage supplies, e.g., VPP/VNN: +40V/–160V,
    +100V/–100V and +160V/–40V. Medical Ultrasound Imaging
    Non-destructive Metal Flaw Detection
    Piezoelectric Transducer Drivers
    Optical MEMS Modules пЂ  Package Types
    48-lead LQFP
    (Top view) 42-Ball Bumped Die ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Analog Signal Voltage180 V
Noteslow harmonic distortion
Operating Temperature Range0 to +70 °C
Output Bleed ResistorsNo
Supply Voltage Vpp - Vnn200 V
Switch CurrentВ±2 A
Switch Resistance typ16 О©

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Series: HV2605 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Ultrasound Products > Analog Multiplexers/Switches

Other Names:

HV2605FGG, HV2605FG G

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