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Datasheet Microchip MD1730-V/M2

Part NumberMD1730-V/M2

The MD1730 is an 8-channel ultra-low phase noise CW transmitter with integrated beamformer


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    MD1730 Data Sheet
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    8-Channel Ultra-Low Phase Noise
    Continuous Waveform Transmitter with Beamformer
    Features General Description 8-Channel Ultrasound Continuous Waveform
    (CW) Transmitter with Integrated Beamformer CW Output В±1V to В±6Vp-p with Low RON -160 dbc/Hz Ultra-Low Phase Noise at 1 kHz
    Offset and 5 MHz 8-Bit Programmable Per-Channel Beamforming
    Phase Delay 8-Bit Programmable Dividers for CW Frequency
    with Input Clock Frequency up to 250 Mhz Input Clock Compatible with LVDS/SSTL or
    Single-Ended LVCMOS LVCMOS 2.5V Logic for the Control I/O pins Fast SPI Interface Supports up to 200 MHz SPI Interface Supports Daisy Chaining and
    Broadcasting Mode The MD1730 is an 8-channel ultra-low phase noise CW
    transmitter with integrated beamformer. It is designed
    for medical ultrasound imaging systems requiring
    high-performance CW Doppler mode. The MD1730
    has a dedicated signal path designed to minimize
    phase noise to the output. In addition, it has a
    high-speed SPI interface that enables CW
    beamforming features. The outputs of the MD1730 can
    swing up to В±6V and each output has a separate
    programmable phase delay. Additionally, by
    programming the internal frequency divider register,
    the MD1730 can output different CW frequencies from
    a single clock source. For instance, when the input
    clock frequency is 160 MHz and the frequency divider ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Amplitude Control-
Apodization13-Bit SPI
Input Voltage2.5 V
Operating Temperature RangeVarious °C
Output Current- A
Typical Delay Time5 ns

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: MD1730 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Ultrasound Products > Beamformer Source Drivers

Other Names:

MD1730V/M2, MD1730 V/M2

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