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Datasheet Microchip HV7351K6-G

Part NumberHV7351K6-G

HV7351 is an eight channel monolithic high-voltage ultrasound transmitter with built-in programmable digital transmit-beamforming


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    HV7351 Data Sheet
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    8-Channel, В±70V, 3A Programmable High-Voltage
    Ultrasound-Transmit Beamformer
    Features General Description The HV7351 device is an 8-channel programmable
    high-voltage ultrasound-transmit beamformer. Each
    channel is capable of swinging up to В±70V with an
    active discharge back to 0V. The outputs can source
    and sink up to 3.0A to achieve fast output rise and fall
    times. The active discharge is also capable of sourcing
    and sinking 3.0A for a fast return to ground. The topology of the HV7351 will significantly reduce the number
    of I/O logic control lines needed. Eight Channels with Return-to-Zero (RTZ)
    Up to В±70V Output Voltage
    В±3.0A Output Current
    Stores up to Four Different Patterns
    Independent Programmable Delays
    80-lead Single 11 x 11 mm VQFN Package Applications Each pulser has four associated 64-bit shift registers
    for storing predetermined transmit patterns and a 10-bit
    delay counter for controlling the transmit time. One of
    four arbitrary patterns can be transmitted with adjustable delay, depending on the data loaded into these
    shift registers and the delay counter. The delay counter
    can be clocked up to 200 MHz, allowing incremental
    delays down to 5 ns. Medical Ultrasound Imaging
    NDT, Non-Destructive Testing ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Number of Channels8
FeaturesProgrammable launch delay, 4 transmit waveforms, clock up to 200MHz
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +125 °C
Output CurrentВ±3.0 A
Output VoltageВ±70 V

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Moldel Line

Series: HV7351 (1)
  • HV7351K6-G

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Ultrasound Products > Continuous Transmit Pulsers

Other Names:

HV7351K6G, HV7351K6 G

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