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Datasheet Toshiba TCR3UG085A

Part NumberTCR3UG085A

Low Dropout (LDO) Linear Voltage Regulator


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    TCR3UG085A Data sheet/English
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    TCR3UG series
    TOSHIBA CMOS Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TCR3UG series
    Ultra low quiescent current, Fast Load Transient 300 mA CMOS Low Drop-Out Regulator in ultra
    small package 1. Description
    The TCR3UG series are CMOS general-purpose single-output
    voltage regulators with an on/off control input, featuring ultra low
    quiescent bias current and low dropout voltage.
    These voltage regulators are available in fixed output voltages
    between 0.8 V and 5.0 V and capable of driving up to 300 mA.
    They feature Over-current protection, Thermal Shutdown function
    and Auto-discharge option.
    Weight: 0.26 mg (typ.)
    The TCR3UG series is offered in the ultra small plastic mold
    package WCSP4F (0.645 mm x 0.645 mm; t 0.33 mm (max) and
    has a low dropout voltage of 155 mV (3.3 V output, IOUT = 300
    mA). As small ceramic input and output capacitors 1ОјF can be used with the TCR3UG series, these devices
    are ideal for portable applications that require high-density board assembly such as cellular phones. 2. Applications
    Power IC developed for portable applications 3. Features Ultra small package WCSP4F (0.645 mm x 0.645 mm; t 0.33 mm (max).
    Low quiescent bias current ( IB = 0.34 ОјA (typ.) at IOUT = 0 mA, output voltage up to 1.5 V)
    High Ripple rejection ratio 70dB at 0.8 V-output
    Fast Load transient response ± 60 mV at 0.8 V-output, IOUT = 1 mA ⇔50 mA
    Low Drop-Out voltage ...



Lifecycle StatusNew Product


Manufacture Package CodeWCSP4F


Output Voltage (Typ.)0.85 V

Eco Plan


Manufacturer's Classification

  • Linear ICs > Power Supply ICs
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