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Datasheet Microchip PL671-25


The SY100S325 are hex translators for converting 100K ECL logic levels to TTL logic levels


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    PL671-25 - PicoEMI? Programmable Spread Spectrum Clock
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    PicoEMI T M Programmable Spread Spectrum Clock
    VDD 1 XOUT 2 XIN/FIN 3 PDB^ 4 PL671-25 п‚ Accepts Crystal or Reference Clock input
    o Crystal: 10MHz -40MHz
    o Reference Clock: 1MHz -200MHz
    п‚ Output Frequency up to 200MHz
    п‚ Center and Down Spread Spectrum Modulation
    п‚ Spread Spectrum On / Off Control
    п‚ Programmable Drive Strength, 4mA, 8mA or 16mA
    п‚ Max 100ps Cycle to Cycle jitter
    п‚ Single 2.5V ~ 3.3V, В± 10% power supply
    п‚ Operating temperature range from -40п‚°C to 85п‚°C
    п‚ Available in SOP-8L and TSSOP-8L GREEN/RoHS
    compliant packages 8 SSOnOff^ 7 CLK0 6 REFOUT 5 GND SOP-8L
    TSSOP-8L Note: ^ Denotes 60KΩ P ull-up resistor DESCRIPTION
    The PL671-25 is a high performance programmable spread spectrum clock. It allows for programming the
    modulation type (Center or Down Spread), 16 modulation magnitudes (В±0.125% to В±2.0% or -0.25% to -4.0%) and
    multiplication factor. The SSOnOff pin can be used to enable and disable the spread on the output for easy
    system performance comparison during EMI testing.
    Pin CLK0 1 SS Off 0 SS On Input
    (MHz) Spread ...


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  • Clock and Timing > Clock Generation > Clock Conditioning

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