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Datasheet Microchip PL671-30


The PL671-30 is a high performance programmable spread spectrum clock


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    PL671-30 - PicoEMI? Programmable Spread Spectrum Clock
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    (Preliminary) PL671-30 PicoEMI T M Programmable Spread Spectrum Clock
    FEATURES PIN CONFIGURATION FIN 1 NC 2 CSEL1^ 3 GND 4 PL671-30 Accepts Reference Clock input
    o Reference Clock: 1MHz -200MHz
    Output Frequency up to 200MHz
    Center and Down Spread Spectrum Modulation
    Four selectable pre-programmed configurations
    Max 100ps Cycle to Cycle jitter
    Single 2.5V ~ 3.3V, ± 10% power supply
    Operating temperature range from -40C to 85C
    Available in SOP-8L GREEN/RoHS compliant
    Package 8 VDD 7 NC 6 CLK0 5 CSEL0^ SOP-8L
    Note: ^ Denotes 60KΩ P ull-up resistor DESCRIPTION
    The PL671-30 is a high performance programmable spread spectrum clock. It allows for programming the
    modulation type (Center or Down Spread) and 16 modulation magnitudes (±0.125% to ±2.0% or -0.25% to -4.0%).
    The CSEL[0:1] pins can switch between four pre-programmed configurations adding to the flexibility.
    CSEL1 CSEL0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 Input
    (MHz) Spread
    Spectrum Type Spread Spectrum
    Modulation Amplitude Output
    (MHz) 1 -200 Configurable as
    Center or Down Configurable as
    Center: ±0.125% to ±2.0%
    Down: -0.25% to -4.0% 1 – 200 ...


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  • Clock and Timing > Clock Generation > Clock Conditioning

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