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Datasheet Microchip SY89610L


The SY89610L is a 3


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    SY89610L Data Sheet
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    77.75MHz to 694MHz Jitter Attenuator and
    Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizer General Description
    The SY89610L is a 3.3V, fully differential jitter attenuator
    and frequency synthesizer that accepts a noise clock
    between 19.44MHz and 694MHz, depending on I/O
    frequency selection. The output provides an ultra-low
    jitter clock frequency between 77.75MHz and 694MHz
    covering SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel,
    SAS, SATA, and many other communication standards.
    The output jitter of the SY89610L is typically 1psRMS. It
    has a 1kHz to 10kHz programmable loop bandwidth to
    accommodate different jitter attenuation applications
    and PLL requirements. The auto-tune circuit enables
    precision frequency calibration.
    The differential input includes Micrel’s unique, 3-pin
    input termination architecture that interfaces to LVPECL,
    LVDS or CML differential signals, (AC-or DC-coupled)
    as small as 100mV without any level-shifting or
    termination resistor networks in the signal path. For ACcoupled input interface applications, an on-board output
    reference voltage (VREF-AC) is provided to bias the VT pin.
    The outputs are compatible with 400mV typical swing
    into 50Ω loads, with rise/fall times guaranteed to be less ...


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  • Clock and Timing > Clock Generation > Clock Synthesizers

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