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Datasheet Analog Devices OP270GN8#PBF

ManufacturerAnalog Devices
Part NumberOP270GN8#PBF

Low Noise Precision Dual Op Amp


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    OP270: Dual Very Low Noise Precision Operational Amplifier Data Sheet
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    Dual Very Low Noise Precision
    Operational Amplifier
    OP270 Data Sheet FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS Very low noise density of 5 nV/в€љHz at 1 kHz maximum
    Excellent input offset voltage of 75 ОјV maximum
    Low offset voltage drift of 1 ОјV/В°C maximum
    Very high gain of 1500 V/mV minimum
    Outstanding CMR of 106 dB minimum
    Slew rate of 2.4 V/Ојs typical
    Gain bandwidth product of 5 MHz typical
    Industry-standard 8-lead dual pinout –IN A 1 16 OUT A +IN A 2 15 NC NC 3 14 NC V– 13 V+ 12 NC 4 NC 5 OP270 +IN B 6 11 NC –IN B 7 10 OUT B NC 8 9 NC NC = NO CONNECT 00325-001 FEATURES OUT A 1 –IN A 2 +IN A 3 V– 4 A OP270 B 8 V+ 7 OUT B 6 –IN B 5 +IN B 00325-002 Figure 1. 16-Lead SOIC
    (S-Suffix) Figure 2. 8-Lead PDIP (P-Suffix)
    8-Lead CERDIP
    The OP270 is a high performance, monolithic, dual operational
    amplifier with exceptionally low voltage noise density (5 nV/в€љHz
    maximum at 1 kHz). It offers comparable performance to the
    industry-standard OP27 from Analog Devices, Inc. consumption of the dual OP270 is one-third less than two OP27
    devices, a significant advantage for power conscious applications.
    The OP270 is unity-gain stable with a gain bandwidth product
    of 5 MHz and a slew rate of 2.4 V/Ојs. The OP270 features an input offset voltage of less than 75 ОјV
    and an offset drift of less than 1 ОјV/В°C, guaranteed over the full
    military temperature range. Open-loop gain of the OP270 is more
    than 1,500,000 into a 10 kО© load, ensuring excellent gain accuracy ...



Lifecycle StatusPre-Release


Package CodeX


Number of Channels2
ArchitectureVoltage Feedback
GBP(typ)5M Hz
Ibias(max)20n A
Iq/Amp(typ)3.25m A
Operating Temperature Range0 to 70 °C
Shut- downNo
Slew Rate(typ)2.4 V/us
VNoise Density(typ)3.2n V/rtHz
Vs span(max)36 V
Vs span(min)9 V

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Series: OP270 (10)

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  • Amplifiers > High Voltage Amplifiers ≥12V | Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)

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