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Datasheet Diodes ZXCT1021E5TA

Part NumberZXCT1021E5TA

Voltage Output


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    Low offset high-side current monitor
    The ZXCT1021 is a precision high-side current
    sense monitor. Using this type of device
    eliminates the need to disrupt the ground
    plane when sensing a load current. giving better tolerances for small sense
    resistors necessary at higher currents.
    The wide input voltage range of 20V down to as
    low as 2.5V make it suitable for a range of
    applications. With a minimum operating
    current of just 25ВµA, combined with its SOT235 package make it suitable for portable battery
    equipment too. The ZXCT1021 provides a fixed gain of 10 for
    applications where minimal sense voltage is
    The very low offset voltage enables a typical
    accuracy of 3% for sense voltages of only 10mV, Features Applications Accurate high-side current sensing Battery chargers Output voltage scaling Smart battery packs 2.5V – 20V supply range DC motor control 25␮A quiescent current Over current monitor 1% typical accuracy Power management SOT23-5 package Level translating Programmable current source Pinout information
    NC Typical application circuit
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Bandwidth typ1 MHz
Gain Output/VSENSE25
Maximum Output VoltageVs- -1 V
Maximum S+ Common-Mode Sense Voltage20 V
Maximum Sense Voltage1.5 V
Maximum VCC/VB Supply Voltage20 V
Minimum S+ Common-Mode Sense Voltage2.5 V
Minimum VCC/VB Supply Voltage2.5 V
Operating Ambient Temperature Range-40В toВ 85 °C
Quiescent Current25 µA
Special FeaturesSimple Voltage Output Current Monitor

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Series: ZXCT1021 (1)
  • ZXCT1021E5TA

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Voltage Output

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