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Datasheet Microchip SY100H602JZ

Part NumberSY100H602JZ

The SY10/100H602 are 9-bit, dual supply TTL-to-ECL translators with latches


  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 90 Kb, File published: Nov 4, 2016
    SY10/100H602 - 9-bit Latched TTL-to-ECL
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    NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW DESIGNS в–  9-bit ideal for byte-parity applications
    в–  Flow-through configuration
    в–  Extra TTL and ECL power/ground pins to minimize
    switching noise
    в–  Dual supply
    в–  3.5ns max. D to Q
    в–  PNP TTL inputs for low loading
    в–  Choice of ECL compatibility: MECL 10KH (10Hxxx)
    or 100K (100Hxxx)
    в–  Fully compatible with MC10H/100H602
    в–  Available in 28-pin PLCC package The SY10/100H602 are 9-bit, dual supply TTL-to-ECL
    translators with latches. Devices in the Micrel 9-bit
    translator series utilize the 28-lead PLCC for optimal
    power pinning, signal flow-through and electrical
    The H602 features D-type latches. Latching is
    controlled by Latch Enable (LEN), while the Master Reset
    input resets the latches. A post-latch logic enable is also
    provided (ENECL), allowing control of the output state
    without destroying latch data. All control inputs are ECL
    The 10H version is compatible with MECL 10KH ECL
    logic levels. The 100H version is compatible with 100K ...



Lifecycle StatusNot Recommended for new designs




Core Supply Voltage5V V
Input TypeANY
Operating Temperature Range0 to +70 °C
Output Frequency2 Max
Output Voltage2.5V V

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: SY100H602 (1)
  • SY100H602JZ

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Clock and Timing > Clock and Data Distribution > Translators
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