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Part NumberSY58610UMG

The SY58610U is a 2


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    SY58610U Data Sheet
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    3.2Gbps Precision, LVPECL 2:1 MUX with
    Internal Termination and Fail Safe Input General Description
    The SY58610U is a 2.5/3.3V, high-speed, fully
    differential LVPECL 2:1 MUX capable of processing
    clock signals up to 2.5GHz and data patterns up to
    3.2Gbps. The SY58610U is optimized to provide a
    buffered output of the selected input with less than
    10pspp total jitter.
    The differential input includes Micrel’s unique, 3-pin
    input termination architecture that interfaces to LVPECL,
    LVDS or CML differential signals, (AC-or DC-coupled)
    as small as 100mV (200mVPP) without any level-shifting
    or termination resistor networks in the signal path. For
    AC-coupled input interface applications, an integrated
    reference voltage (VREF-AC) is provided to bias the VT pin.
    The outputs are 800mV LVPECL, with extremely fast
    rise/fall times guaranteed to be less than 130ps.
    The SY58610U operates from a 2.5V В±5% supply or
    3.3V В±10% supply and is guaranteed over the full
    industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C). For
    applications that require CML or LVDS outputs, consider
    Micrel’s SY58609U and SY58611U, 2:1 MUX with ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Fail-Safe InputYes FSI
Input TypeANY
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85 °C
Output Data Rate3.2 Max
Output Frequency2.5 Max
Output TypeLVPECL
Propagation Delay470 Max
Supply Voltage2.5/3.3V V
Within Device Skew20 Max

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Series: SY58610U (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Clock and Timing > Clock and Data Distribution > Multiplexers

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