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Datasheet Microchip SY89297UMG

Part NumberSY89297UMG

The SY89297U is a DC-3


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    SY89297U Data Sheet
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    2.5V/3.3V, 3.2 Gbps, Precision CML
    Dual-Channel Programmable Delay
    Features General Description Dual-Channel, Programmable Delay Line Serial Programming Interface (SDATA, SCLK,
    SLOAD) Guaranteed AC Performance over Temperature
    and Voltage:
    ->3.2 Gbps/1.6 GHz fMAX Programming Accuracy:
    -Linearity: –15 ps to +15 ps INL
    -Monotonic: –5 ps to +25 ps
    -Resolution: 5 ps Programming Increments Low-Jitter Design: 1 psRMS Typical Random Jitter Programmable Delay Range: 5 ns Delay Range Cascade Capability for Increased Delay Flexible Voltage Operation:
    -VCC = 2.5V ±5% or 3.3V ±10% Industrial Temperature Range: –40°C to +85°C Available in 24-Lead (4 mm x 4 mm) QFN
    Package The SY89297U is a DC-3.2 Gbps programmable,
    two-channel delay line. Each channel has a delay
    range from 2 ns to 7 ns (5 ns delta delay) in
    programmable increments as small as 5 ps. The delay
    step is extremely linear and monotonic over the entire
    programming range, with 15 ps INL over temperature
    and voltage. Applications Package Type  2018 Microchip Technology Inc. SCLK SDATA SOUT GND VCC 24 23 22 21 20 19 QA /INA 17 /QA VTA 3 16 VCC VTB 4 15 VCC INB 5 14 QB /INB 6 13 /QB 8 9 10 11 12 VCC 7 GND 18 2 /ENA 1 /ENB INA GND Automated Test Equipment
    Digital Radio and Video Broadcasting
    Closed Caption Encoders/Decoders
    Test and Measurement SLOAD SY89297U
    24-Lead 4x4 QFN (M) Clock De-Skewing
    Timing Adjustments ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




DescriptionDual Channel Programmable Delay
Input TypeANY
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85 °C
Output Frequency1.6 Max
Output TypeCML
Propagation Delay Resolution5 Typ)(ps/step

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: SY89297U (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Clock and Timing > Clock and Data Distribution > Skew Management

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