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Datasheet Microchip SY10/100E431


The SY10/100E431 are 3-bit flip-flops with differential clock, data input and data output


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    SY10/100E431 - 3-Bit Differential Flip-Flop
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    FLIP-FLOP Micrel, Inc. SY10E431
    в–  Differential D, clock and Q The SY10/100E431 are 3-bit flip-flops with differential
    clock, data input and data output.
    The asynchronous Set and Reset controls are edgetriggered rather than level controlled. This allows the user
    to rapidly set or reset the flip-flop and then continue
    clocking at the next clock edge without the necessity of
    de-asserting the set/reset signal (as would be the case
    with a level controlled set/reset).
    The E431 is also designed with larger internal swings,
    an approach intended to minimize the time spent crossing
    the threshold region and thus reduces the metastability
    susceptibility window. ■ Extended 100E VEE range of –4.2V to –5.5V
    в–  VBB output for single-ended use
    в–  1100MHz min. toggle frequency
    в–  Edge-triggered asynchronous set and reset
    в–  Fully compatible with Motorola MC10E/100E431
    в–  Available in 28-pin PLCC package PIN NAMES BLOCK DIAGRAM
    S0 Pin Function D[0:2], D[0:2] Differential Data Inputs CLK[0:2], CLK[0:2] Differential Clock Inputs S[0:2] Edge Triggered Set Inputs R[0:2] Edge Triggered Reset Inputs R0 VBB VBB Reference Output S1 Q[0:2], Q[0:2] Differential Data Outputs VCCO VCC to Output D0
    D0 D CLK0
    CLK0 D1 ...


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  • Clock and Timing > Clock and Data Distribution > Flip Flops, Registers

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