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Datasheet Microchip SY87701ALHG

Part NumberSY87701ALHG

The SY87701AL is a complete Clock Recovery and Data Retiming integrated circuit for data rates from 28Mbps up to 1


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    SY87701AL Data Sheet
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    3.3V 28Mbps to 1.3Gbps
    AnyRateВ® Clock and Data Recovery Micrel, Inc. SY87701AL SY87701AL DESCRIPTION FEATURES
    ■ Industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C)
    в–  3.3V power supply
    в–  Clock and data recovery from 28Mbps up to 1.3Gbps
    NRZ data stream, clock generation from 28Mbps to
    в–  Complies with Bellcore, ITU/CCITT and ANSI
    specifications for applications such as OC-1, OC-3,
    OC-12, ATM, FDDI, Fibre Channel and Gigabit
    Ethernet as well as proprietary applications
    в–  Two on-chip PLLs: one for clock generation and
    another for clock recovery
    в–  Selectable reference frequencies
    в–  Differential PECL high-speed serial I/O
    в–  Line receiver input: no external buffering needed
    в–  Link fault indication
    в–  100k ECL compatible I/O
    в–  Lower power: fully compatible with Micrel's
    SY87701V, but with 30% less power
    в–  Available in 32-pin EPAD-TQFP and 28-pin SOIC
    packages (28-pin SOIC is available, but NOT
    recommended for new designs.) The SY87701AL is a complete Clock Recovery and ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Data Output TypePECL
Data Rate Capability28-1300 Mbps
Part TypeClock and Data Recovery
Supply Voltage3.3 V

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: SY87701AL (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • =Clock and Data Recovery

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