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Datasheet Songle Relay SRSB-24VDC-FL-A

Datasheet Songle Relay SRSB-24VDC-FL-A

ManufacturerSongle Relay
SeriesSRSB (4102)
Part NumberSRSB-24VDC-FL-A

5A/8A/10A Convert Single Group to Open Relay


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    SRSB Series CONVERT SINGLE GROUP TO OPEN RELAY 5A/8A/10A 1 8 .4 M A Features X .4 M AX US C 10 E167996 16MAX В Miniature volume, PCB usage В Contact rating:5A/8A/10A
    В Meet to strengthen the insulation R50056114 standard 4000V pressure CQC
    CQC16002150618 Contact Rating Ordering Information
    SRSB-12VDC-S L-A
    A Contact arrangment L0.45W Contact a rrangment A Contact resistance 100mО©(1A 6VDC) Contact material Silver alloy:AgCdOгЂЃAgSnO2гЂЃAgNi Contact rating 5A/250VAC 8A/250VAC 10A/125VAC Max switching voltage 250VAC Max switching current 10A Coil Power S sealed / F dustproof 5V / 6V / 9V
    12V/18V / 24V Construction Max switching power 1250VA Electrical endurance 1x10 ops / 1x10 ops Mechanical endurance 1x10 ops Coil Voltage 5 (frequency: 1800 ops/h) Part number 7 (frequency: 18000 ops/h) Characteristics Power
    dissipation B / F Insulation resistance 100MО© (500VDC) Leakage current
    1mA Between contacts
    and coil 4000VAC 1 minute Between open
    contacts 1000VAC 1 minute Operate time(Under nominal voltage) ≤10ms Release time(Under nominal voltage) ≤10ms Humidity 85% RH(20℃) Ambient Temperature
    resistance пј€at 20в„ѓпј‰ Coil Data Insulation system Dielectric
    Strength 4 -40в„ѓ~+85в„ѓ Functional 98m/sВІ Destructive 980m/sВІ W 10Hz~55Hz 1.5mm Weight Approx 9g Construction Sealed 05 89 . 3 55 06 75 80 09 50 180 12 37 . 5 320 18 25 720 24 18 . 7 1280 0.45W
    (D) Vibration resistance
    ( Double amplitude) Voltage Current Resistance Pick-up
    mA О©В±10% voltage Drop-out
    nim 75%Max 10%Min Max
    allowable 130% Remark:1)All above data is initial value
    This product specification only for your reference, we will not notify you if
    we do any improvement.We reserve all the right for the final explanation Webпјљ
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Size18.2×10.0×15.7 mm


Nominal Coil Voltage24 V

Moldel Line

Series: SRSB (4102) (12)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Household appliance relay

Other Names:


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