Datasheet Diodes AH1921


Micropower Omniploar Hall-Effect Switch


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Detailed Description

The AH1921 is an ultra-low power digital Omnipolar Hall Effect switch IC from Diodes broad Hall Effect switches family.

Thanks to the hibernating clocking system, the average supply current is only 1.6?A at 3V, which makes the AH1921 perfectly fit battery-powered consumer products, Gas or water meter, smoke detectors and IoT devices. The wider range of supply voltage (1.6V to 5.5V) extends battery operating time and supports low voltage system microcontrollers, which provides great flexibility for system design. The advanced chopper stabilized design provides superior stability on switch operating point over temperature and supply voltage. The high ESD level up to 6kV helps to improve the system robustness.

The open drain output can be switched on with either South or North pole of sufficient strength. When the magnetic flux density (B) perpendicular to the package is larger than operate point (BOP), the output will be turned on (pulled low) and held until B is lower than release point (BRP).

The AH1921 comes with industry standard SC59 package.




Parameters / ModelsAH1921-W-7
# Outputs1
Active High or LowLow
Automotive Compliant PPAPNo
Average Supply Current1.6 µA
Max Operating Point ±Bop (Guass)90
Max Release Point ±Brp (Guass)67
Min Operating Point ±Bop (Guass)30
Min Release Point ±Brp (Guass)22
Operating Ambient Temperature Range-40 to 85 °C
Operating Voltage1.6 to 5.5 V
Output TypeOpen Drain
Qualified to AECQ10xNo
Typ Operating Point ±Bop (Guass)60
Typ Release Point ±Brp (Guass)45

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Series: AH1921 (1)

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