Datasheet Cissoid CXT-STA4919

Datasheet Cissoid CXT-STA4919

50mA Adjustable Voltage Regulator


Preliminary Datasheet CXT-STA4919
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High-Temperature Automotive Adjustable, Linear Voltage Regulator +3.0V to +28V / 50mA


Detailed Description

CXT-STA4919 is part of the CXT series of components designed and qualified for high-temperature automotive environments.

It is a high-temperature, high-reliability, 50mA adjustable linear voltage regulator suitable to generate from a +4.5V to +35V voltage source any regulated voltage in the range +3.3V to +28V.

Its operating junction temperature ranges from -55°C to +175°C. The regulator is self-protected with a built-in current limiter and a thermal protection. CXT-STA4919 brings unique benefits in applications where the ambient or operating temperature is high and above the temperature supported by traditional semiconductors.

CXT-STA4919 is available in a plastic package PSOIC8 with exposed pad for small PCB footprint and low thermal resistance.

Model Line

Series: CXT-STA4919 (1)

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