Datasheet MACOM MAAM-011275-DIE

Part NumberMAAM-011275-DIE
Datasheet MACOM MAAM-011275-DIE

Wideband Distributed Amplifier


Datasheet MAAM-011275-DIE
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Wideband Distributed Amplifier
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Detailed Description

MAAM-011275-DIE is an easy-to-use, wideband amplifier that operates from 30 kHz to 40 GHz.

The amplifier provides 15 dB gain, 22 dBm output power and 5.3 dB noise figure. It is matched to 50 Ω with typical return loss better than 13 dB. MAAM-011275-DIE is suitable for a wide range of applications in test and measurement and communication systems.

Manufacturer's Classification

Other Names:

MAAM011275DIE, MAAM 011275 DIE

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