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Wireless Charging Receiver for 30W Applications with Wattshare™ Support


Preliminary Datasheet P9415
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Medium Power Wireless Transmitter/Receiver (TRx)
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Wireless Charging Receiver for 30W Applications with Wattshare™ Support
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Detailed Description

The P9415 is a highly-integrated single-chip wireless power receiver targeted for 30W applications.

The device can be configured to receive or transmit an AC power signal through magnetic induction. When the device is configured as a wireless power transmitter, it uses an on-chip full/half-bridge inverter, a PWM generator, and a modulator/demodulator for communication, and a micro-controller to produce an AC power signal to drive external L-C tank to Wattshare. As a receiver, the P9415 receives an AC power signal from a wireless transmitter and converts it into rectified output voltage, which can be then used to power devices or supply the charger input in mobile applications.

The P9415 feature Multiple-time programmable (MTP) non-volatile memory to easily update control firmware and device functions. The P9415 receiver accommodates up to 20V out of the on-board LDO with the ultra-accurate current sense capability necessary for high power applications. It is footprint compatible with IDT’s existing P9382A 15V receiver to provide a compelling upgrade option delivering even faster charging times.

The device includes over-temperature and robust over voltage protection. Fault conditions associated with power transfer are managed by an industry-leading 32bit ARM Cortex -M0 processor offering a high level of programmability while consuming extremely low standby power. The processor can also control GPIOs to indicate operating and fault modes. The P9415 is available in an ultra-small WLCSP-53 package.


Lifecycle StatusPreview (Device has been announced but is not in production. Samples may or may not be available)


Manufacture Package CodeAWQ53D1


Parameters / ModelsP9415-0AWQI8
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Series: P9415 (1)

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