Datasheet Infineon XDPL8210

Datasheet Infineon XDPL8210

Digital flyback high power factor XDP™ control IC for cost-effective LED drivers with constant current output and primary-side regulation


Datasheet XDPL8210
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Digital Flyback Controller IC
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Detailed Description

The XDP™ control IC XDPL8210 is a digital, single-stage, quasi-resonant flyback controller with high power factor and high precision primary-side controlled constant current output.

Main application fields for XDPL8210 control IC are cost-effective, constant current, single-stage LED drivers. XDPL8210 provides an easy way to design high performance LED drivers with various features. Sophisticated algorithms feature flicker-free dimming below 1%, supporting IEC61000-3-2 Class C designs over wide load range.


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)

Model Line

Series: XDPL8210 (1)

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