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MicroClock Programmable Clock Generator


Datasheet 5L1503
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MicroClock Programmable Clock Generator


Detailed Description

The 5L1503 is a series of small form factor programmable clock generators intended for low-power, consumer, battery powered applications, wearable and smart devices.

The device is a 1 PLL + DCO architecture design with an external fundamental crystal or clock input.

The device allows up to 3 unique frequency outputs. The 5L1503 has built-in unique features such as Proactive Power Saving (PPS) and an extreme low power DCO to support system date/time keeping clock at 32.768kHz. Dynamic Frequency Control (DFC) supports dynamically changing between four different PLL frequencies via external requests with controlled frequency changes, reducing frequency overshoot and undershoot (ORT). The 5L1503S device can also support a spread clock output for EMI reduction.

An internal OTP memory allows the user to store up to four independent configurations that can be loaded on power-up without programming. The 5L1503 supports three LVCMOS type outputs with VDDO1.8V, as well as various amplitude clocks. A low-power 32.768kHz clock is supported with only less than 1μA current consumption for system RTC reference clock needs.


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