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Transition mode PFC controller for flyback converters


Datasheet HVLED007
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Transition mode PFC controller for flyback converters
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Detailed Description

The HVLED007 is a current-mode PFC controller specific for isolated high power factor, flyback converters operated in transition mode (aka quasi-resonant operation).

Targeting both indoor and outdoor solid-state lighting applications, it provides extended temperature range operation down to -40 °C with guaranteed electrical specification.

The main feature of this IC is a special circuit (Input Current Shaper, ICS), that enables High-PF quasi-resonant flyback converters to draw a theoretically sinusoidal input current from the power line, unlike the traditional control. In practice, with little effort it is possible to achieve a total distortion of the input current (THD) lower than 10% at full load and lower than 20% at 30% load over the entire input voltage range. The IC is provided with a control input intended for being driven by the phototransistor of an optocoupler to close a secondary-regulated isolated control loop. However, with the addition of a simple external circuitry it can be used to close a primary-regulated voltage loop as well. The HVLED007 includes protection features to handle overload, short-circuit and overvoltage conditions. The totem-pole output stage, capable of 600 mA source and 800 mA sink current, is suitable for big MOSFET drives which, combined with the other features, makes the device an excellent low-cost solution for EN61000-3-2 compliant SMPS up to 100 W.


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Series: HVLED007 (2)

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