Datasheet Diodes PAM8904


The PAM8904 is a piezo sounder driver with integrated a charge pump boost converter.


Datasheet PAM8904
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The PAM8904 is a piezo sounder driver with integrated a charge pump boost converter
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Detailed Description

The PAM8904 is capable for driving a ceramic/piezo sounder with 18Vpp from a 3V power supply. The charge pump can operate in either of a 1X, 2X and 3X mode.  The boost converter operates at a fixed frequency of 1.0MHz and provides a 9V output with a minimum number of external components. The PAM8904 can drive up to 15nF loading. PAM unique drive technology provides small inrush current, low EMI and high efficiency. PAM8904 built-in automatic shutdown and wake up that guarantees longer battery life. PAM8904 features thermal shutdown, over current protection, over voltage protection and under voltage lock-out. The PAM8904 is available in a 16pin U-QFN3030 package.


Parameters / ModelsPAM8904JERPAM8904JPR
Automotive Compliant PPAPPAM8904QPAM8904Q
Class-D or ABDD
Headphone OutNoNo
IQ1 mA1 mA
Maximum VDD5.5 V5.5 V
Minimum VDD2.3 V2.3 V
Mono or StereoMonoMono
Power LimitNoNo
Qualified to AECQ10xYesYes
Special FeatureBoost Converter Built-inBoost Converter Built-in
Volume/ Gain3- Step3- Step

Model Line

Series: PAM8904 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Analog > Audio

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