Datasheet Holtek HT45B3305H

Part NumberHT45B3305H

CAN Bus Controller


Datasheet HT45B3305H
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CAN Bus Controller
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Detailed Description

A complete CAN Node requires a CAN controller, a CAN transceiver and a microcontroller.

The device is developed as a stand-alone CAN (Controller Area Network) controller.

For the connection to the physical layer additional transceiver hardware is required. Two pins of CANTX and CANRX interface to the CAN BUS Transceiver. The device includes a SPI and I²C interfaces to communicate with a microcontroller.

The HT45B3305H CAN Module licensed from Bosch. The HT45B3305H CAN supports the CAN 2.0 Part A and B protocol specifications and compatible with the ISO11898-1 standards. This CAN Module abbreviated as C_CAN. It is capable of transmitting and receiving standard and extended messages. It also capable of both acceptance filtering and message handler and includes 32 Message Objects which can be concatenated to configurate FIFO buffer with different depth. The SPI interface with data rate of up 10MHz and I²C serial interface are provided for communication with a SPI or I²C based 8-bit MCU.

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