Datasheet Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK9723AJ

ManufacturerAsahi Kasei Microdevices
Part NumberAK9723AJ

LED Driver Built-in IR Sensor Analog Front End


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LED Driver and Sensor AFE for NDIR Gas Sensing
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Detailed Description

The AK9723AJ is an analog front-end IC for IR sensors with a built-in LED driver for infrared emission.

The light emitting element (IR-LED) driver of the AK9723AJ is a programmable constant current circuit, enabling optimal control according to the optical path length of the gas sensor. In addition, the signal from the light receiving element (IR sensor) is amplified by a programmable gain amplifier, AD-converted with 13-bit resolution, and performed via the I²C bus. Each setting can be performed from an external MCU. By connecting our products AK9730AJF21 and AK9703AJ, NDIR type CO₂ sensor system can be easily configured.

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