Datasheet Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK9730AJF21

ManufacturerAsahi Kasei Microdevices
Part NumberAK9730AJF21

IR Sensor with Optical Filter


Datasheet AK9730AJF21
640 Kb, File published: Mar 3, 2020, Pages: 10
IR Sensor for NDIR Gas Sensing
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Detailed Description

The AK9730AJF21 is an infrared detector equipped with an optical filter that has a transmission band in the infrared absorption band of hydrocarbon gases such as CH₄ and C₃H₈.

The AK9730AJF21 features high sensitivity and high-speed response. When used in combination with the AK9703 infrared light-emitting device that can emit light at high speed, the current consumption of the gas sensor can be dramatically reduced.

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