Datasheet Infineon BCR431U

Datasheet Infineon BCR431U

Linear low-voltage-drop LED driver IC


Datasheet BCR431U
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Low Voltage Drop LED Driver IC
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Detailed Description

Infineon’s BCR431U is a linear LED driver IC in a small SOT23-6 package regulating the LED current in standalone operation without any external power transistor.

It is suitable for driving currents up to 37mA and the IC supply voltage ranges from 6V up to 42V. The LED current level can be adjusted by connecting a high-ohmic resistor Rset to pin RS. The voltage drop at the integrated LED driver stage is 200mV max. at 37mA improving the overall system efficiency and providing extra voltage headroom to compensate for tolerances of LED forward voltage and supply voltage. Despite temperature changes, the driving current is always under control. Thanks to a smart temperature controlling circuit which is reducing the LED current when the junction temperature of BCR431U is very high.


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)

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Series: BCR431U (1)

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