Datasheet Maxim MAX1682


Switched-Capacitor Voltage Doublers


Datasheet MAX1682, MAX1683
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Switched-Capacitor Voltage Doublers
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SOT23 Voltage Doubler Needs Only two External Caps; Ultra-Small LCD Supply for PDAs and Cell Phones

The ultra-small MAX1682/MAX1683 monolithic, CMOS charge-pump voltage doublers accept input voltages ranging from +2.0V to +5.5V.

Their high voltage-conversion efficiency (over 98%) and low operating current (110µA for MAX1682) make these devices ideal for both battery-powered and board-level voltage-doubler applications.

Oscillator control circuitry and four power MOSFET switches are included on-chip. The MAX1682 operates at 12kHz, and the MAX1683 operates at 35kHz. A typical application includes generating a 6V supply to power an LCD display in a hand-held PDA. Both parts are available in a 5-pin SOT23 package and can deliver 30mA with a typical voltage drop of 600mV.

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