Datasheet Dialog Semiconductor DA9130

ManufacturerDialog Semiconductor
Part NumberDA9130

High efficiency, 10 A, dual phase, step down DC-DC converter (Buck)


Datasheet DA9130
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High-Performance, 10 A, Dual-Phase DC-DC Converter
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Detailed Description

The DA9130 is a high efficiency, 10A, dual phase, step down DC-DC (Buck) converter with integrated switching FET's.

The device can operate at efficiency levels above 90%, reducing the thermal design challenges of powering high current rails in a wide range of high-performance electronic systems.

The device has an input voltage range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V and an output voltage range of 0.3 V to 1.9 V, making it suitable for a wide variety of low voltage systems. The DA9130 only requires two small 0.10 µH inductors, delivering a highly optimized BoM and footprint. Output voltages above 1.9 V are supported with an external resistor divider.

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