Datasheet Aceinna OpenRTK330L

Part NumberOpenRTK330L

GNSS / RTK Inertial Navigation System


Datasheet OpenRTK330
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GNSS / RTK Inertial Navigation System
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Detailed Description

The OpenRTK330 is a state-of-the-art, high performance GNSS receiver with built-in RTK engine and triple redundant inertial sensors.

It is designed for use in Level 3 ADAS and other high-volume applications requiring precise position information. It includes a multi-band RTK/GNSS receiver coupled with redundant inertial sensor arrays to provide cm-level accuracy, enhanced reliability, and superior performance during GNSS outages. The dead reckoning solution delivers strong performance in GNSS challenged urban environments. OpenRTK300 is supported by Aceinna’s open-source tool chain which enables direct customization of the on-board algorithms, I/O, and communication stack on the device.

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Series: OpenRTK330 (3)

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