Datasheet Vishay 1N5256


Small Signal Zener Diodes


Datasheet 1N5230 - 1N5267
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Small Signal Zener Diodes
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Detailed Description

Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ± 5 % with a “B” suffix in the ordering code (e.g.: 1N5221B), suffix “C” is ± 2 % tolerance.

These diodes are also available in MiniMELF case with the type designation TZM5221 to TZM5267, SOT-23 case with the type designations MMBZ5225 to MMBZ5267 and SOD-123 case with the types designations MMSZ5225 to MMSZ5267.

Other Options

1N5221 1N5222 1N5223 1N5224 1N5225 1N5226 1N5227 1N5228 1N5229 1N5230 1N5231 1N5232 1N5233 1N5234 1N5235 1N5236 1N5237 1N5238 1N5239 1N5240 1N5241 1N5242 1N5243 1N5244 1N5245 1N5246 1N5247 1N5248 1N5249 1N5250 1N5251 1N5252 1N5253 1N5254 1N5255 1N5257 1N5258 1N5259 1N5260 1N5261 1N5262 1N5263 1N5264 1N5265 1N5266 1N5267

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