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Low-Cost, Low-Power, Low-Dropout, SOT23-3 Voltage References


Datasheet MAX6001, MAX6002, MAX6003, MAX6004, MAX6005
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Low-Cost, Low-Power, Low-Dropout, SOT23-3 Voltage References
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The MAX6001-MAX6005 family of SOT23, low-cost series voltage references meets the cost advantage of shunt references and offers the power-saving advantage of series references, which traditionally cost more.

Unlike conventional shunt-mode (two-terminal) references that must be biased at the load current and require an external resistor, these devices eliminate the need for an external resistor and offer a supply current that is virtually independent of the supply voltage.

These micropower, low-dropout, low-cost devices are ideal for high-volume, cost-sensitive 3V and 5V battery- operated systems with wide variations in supply voltage that require very low power dissipation. Additionally, these devices are internally compensated and do not require an external compensation capacitor, saving valuable board area in space-critical applications.

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