Datasheet Holtek HT12A


212 Series of Encoders


Datasheet HT12A, HT12E
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212 Series of Encoders
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Detailed Description

The 212 encoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for remote control system applications.

They are capable of encoding information which consists of N address bits and 12-N data bits. Each address/data input can be set to one of the two logic states. The programmed addresses/data are transmitted together with the header bits via an RF or an infrared transmission medium upon receipt of a trigger signal. The capability to select a TE trigger on the HT12E or a DATA trigger on the HT12A further enhances the application flexibility of the 212 series of encoders. The HT12A additionally provides a 38kHz carrier for infrared systems.

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Model Line

Series: HT12A (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Infrared > Encoder / Decoder > 2¹² Encoder/Decoder
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